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Medical Options of the Poconos
22 Fountain Court
Bartonsville, PA  

Jessica DePete
243 East Brown Street
East Stroudsburg, PA  

David Gaglione
35 N 7th Street #2
Stroudsburg, PA  

Nikki H. Wolf
720 3rd Avenue
Bangor, PA  

Ayurvedic medicine (also called Ayurveda) is one of the
world’s oldest medical systems. It originated in India and
has evolved there over thousands of years.

In the United States, Ayurvedic medicine is considered a
whole medical system. Many therapies used in Ayurvedic
medicine are also used in CAM (Complementary and
Alternative Medicine approaches)—for example, herbs,
massage, and specialized diets.

Cypress Moon Healing Arts, LLC
PO Box 643
Shawnee on Delaware, PA

Peace & Healing for Women
134 Broad Street
Stroudsburg, PA

Naturally Kneaded Massage
742 Ann Street
Stroudsburg PA

Essential Therapeutic Wellness
1233 N 9th Street
Stroudsburg, PA

Asian Institute of Healing Arts

Himalayan Institute
952 Bethany Turnpike
Honesdale, PA

Wellspring Holistic Center
243 East Brown Street &
554 Main Street

Arsha Vidya Gurukulam
State Route 3017
Saylorsburg, PA

Massage Therapists
T H E   P O C O N O S   O N L Y   W H O L E   H E A L T H   R E S O U R C E   N E T W O R K
Complementary Medicine is any type of alternative therapy or treatment that
is performed along with or in addition to conventional medicine.  Because
complementary medicine can be combined or integrated with conventional
treatment, it is also called “integrative medicine.”

Alternative Medicine covers a broad range of healing philosphies. It is any form
of practice outside the realm of conventional medicine.

Holistic Medicine is a system of health which fosters a cooperative relationship
leading towards optimial attainment of the physical, ,mental emotional, social
and spiritual aspects of health.

Complementary ~ Holistic ~ Integrative ~ Alternative
Acupuncture is a form of treatment in both Traditional and
Classical Chinese Medicine.  Acupuncture is based on the principle
that there are energetic pathways, or channels,
throughout the body that influence associated internal organs and

Energy from these pathways surfaces at various points on
the body, identified as acupuncture points. Each of these
acupuncture points serves as a tunnel, or access route, to the
deeper circulatory channels within. Extremely fine gauge needles
are inserted at selected points, stimulating these points, and
thereby activating the body’s natural healing abilities.

Michael Catlanello
111 S 8th Street
Stroudsburg, PA

Mary Lou Huber
1193 Mazetti Road
Stroudsburg, PA

Therapeutic Massage
747 Milford Road
East Stroudsburg, PA

Please note we have integrated our Chiropractic section of local chiropractors
into our medical directory. To find a chiropractor in the Poconos please check

Donna Broomall Cain
475 Morgan Highway
Scranton, PA 18501

Maryjoice Rotella
135 Kimberly Circle
Clarks Summit, PA

Health Arts Center
150 Mundy Street
Wilkes Barre, PA

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