Virtual Addiction Library from Rimrock Foundation

today is synonymous with abundance and choices. Out of our abundance
however, has evolved a culture of excessiveness, and human beings
tend, by their very nature, to be excessive in the pursuit of
pleasurable experiences.

dependency, eating disorders, pathological gambling and sexual
addiction are all illnesses characterized by once pleasurable
pursuits gone wild.

occurs whenever the love and pursuit of a chemical high, an eating
binge or a winning high becomes more compelling than the pursuit
and nurturing of our love relationships with the people once dearest
to us — spouse, parents, children or friends. When we choose
to obtain our rewards and pleasures from chemicals, food or games,
we have become victims of addiction.

Addiction Library is a prototype virtual library which contains
research data and educational material from the public domain,
all related to the broad spectrum of addictions and treatment.

of unpublished research material or research in progress, are
encouraged and welcomed.

Education plays an ever increasing role in understanding and combating
addictions. We encourage you to take advantage of this marvelous

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