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Please send your prayer requests.  Requests can be sent in the form at the bottom of this page.  If you desire a response it is important to add your email address.  A long description of your concerns is not needed.  If you did not have faith that Swamiji knows more about your karmas than you, why would you seek his assistance?  If you can put only one key word to help label your request, this would be best.  If you wish for Swamiji to recomend specific practices for you to do, you should give a brief description of your situation in the box for saadhana requests. 


The names of recently expired relatives or friends could also be sent as prayer requests.  Full name and gotra if know should be included.  Prayers for the dead are very important to help the soul in its journey from the physical realm (bhuu loka) to the realm of the ancestors (pitri loka).  These prayers are especially important in the case of untimley, violent, or otherwise unexpected death.  It can be very helpful to have others prayer for your family and friends because the karmic attachment that has led a person to their family and friends in life (wether the attachments or possitive or negative) can serve to limit the effetiveness of prayer.


In prayer it is important to have great faith.  This comes with practice.  This is Swamiji’s full-time occupation.  He is an expert in the mystical techniques of pujaa, yantra, and mantra.  He works constantly to bring the needed energies to all the people and places he encounters.  Mantra and puja are extremely effective tools to help counter balance the karmas that create peoples suffering.  Some people and places are more open to the shakti of God than others.  When the people’s karmas are ripe to be released, the people recieve great blessing from the energies of Swamiji’s saadhana. 


It is important for people to take responsibility for their own karmas.  Swamiji can help people free themselves from their karmas, but he did not cause their suffering.  He can not actually take away the suffering of others.  It is very important that people face the karmas that they have created.  If someone’s belief that (for example) they are sick, is stronger than their faith that they can be healed, there is little Swamiji can do.  There are several things that people can do to help open themselves to the energies generated for their good by Swamiji’s saadhana and prepare themselves to release negative karmic patterns.  Asking for help is very useful.  Though people may not consciously recall their actions that have led to their problems, they do carry a sense of personal responsibility for their fate.  When people ask Swamiji about their problems, his higher awareness helps to bring wisdom to the devotee about the cause of the karmas, as it brings Divine light to the karmas.  This Divine Light actually breaks up the karmic attachement when people are open to its grace. 

REQUESTING PERSONAL SADHANA (spiritual practices for the individual to do)

Asking for practices that they can do themselves is very helpful.  Swamiji may ask questions to lead the person to a greater understanding of their situation, or he may offer practices for the person to do.  He may ask them to help with various projects at the Temple.  If the selfish tendancies of the ahamkara (ego) have caused karmic bonds, seva (spiritual service) is very useful to help release the karmic patterns.  Seva also prepares the devotee for the deeper practices of mantra and dhyanam.  If Swamiji does ask questions it is important for you to be honest with yourself and with him.  If Swamiji gives instructions, these should not be questioned or ignored, but carried out.  It is acceptable to ask for clarity or to offer additional information, but not usful to question the Swamiji’s advise.  When Swamiji’s advice is headed with great faith and dedications, it can be extremely helpful to release the devotees from the effects of their past karmas.  It is not the Guru’s nature to initiate such efforts; this must be done by the shishya.  When the devotees bring their difficulties to the feet of a Guru, he recognizes this as a willingness on the part of the devotee to work on those karmas.  At this point the awareness of the Guru will begin to reveal deeper aspects of the difficulties as it initiates the process within the devotee of facing and then releasing the karma.  Once this process has begun, it becomes very difficult to reverse.  It is very important that the devotees ask themselves and consider deeply before asking Swamiji for assistance.  The devotee should recall that they alone hold the power to face their own karmas.  For those who take responsibility for the fate they have created, the grace of Guru is a true blessing.  Please understand that Swamiji does not always have access to the internet, and allow some time for a response.   


It can also be very helpful for people to donate.  It is usually not possible for people to recieve unless they give.  If the people have worked to create difficulties in life (this is the law of karma), donation is a good way for them to counter balance the actions which have caused their suffering.  It is helpful because it shows them that they have worked to free themselves.  It also opens an energetic channel to Swamiji, through which the energies of negative karmic patterns can be exchanged for the energies of his saadhana.  If you wish to donate please follow this link to the donations page


When people pray they should set their selfish desires aside, to allow for the Lord’s highest will to take place.  For example it is best to say “Lord, I feel lonely, help” rather than “Lord I want a wife.”  This allows for the Lord to address the true source of loneliness by doing what ever is best for that individual.  It is acceptable, when you do not know the source of your suffering to say “Lord I feel like i want to marry, please do what is best.”  Prayers should be offered in this way with faith and then left behind.  They should not be worried about or dwelled upon.  In time all prayers shall be fulfilled.  When prayers are offered in this way, Swamiji can lend his faith and the shakti of his Guru to empower the efforts of the people.      

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