Prevent Oral Cancer- Tips from an Oral Cancer Surgeon in Kolkata

Cancer, the name is enough to scare anyone. However, some cancers are manmade and can be avoided well. For example, most of the oral cancers take shape due to prolonged negligence of the patients. The negligence might be a part of lifestyle or neglecting any dubious and sustaining disorder unknowingly. Cancer is a disease that becomes fatal when neglected for long. Medical science has advanced to a significant extent that it can cure any type of cancer, no matter how complicated it is, but when the disease is diagnosed at an early stage. This is even truer in case of the mouth or oral cancers, which are subtypes of neck and head cancers.
The oral cancer foundation recently has estimated that about 42,000 patients are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. Typically, it leads to 8000 deaths in spite of following treatments. When we talk about India, the situation is even worse. This type of fatal cancer affects thousands of people in India too. Lack of consciousness often leads to huge death tolls unavoidably. A recent report came out with a conclusion that rural regions of India are more prone to mouth and tongue cancers.
Before you start taking actions against oral cancer, it is important to learn the basic factors that contribute to the same. Well, several factors together may push a person towards the fatal disease eventually. Chain smoking, heavy drinking, chewing tobaccos are some of the fundamental risk factors leading to oral cancer. On the other hand, orally transmitted diseases or sexually transmitted diseases might contribute to the same disorder amongst the non-smoking patients. There are some other causal factors too. These factors typically include infectious diseases, physical trauma, poor nutrition, and poor hygiene. It is possible that a complex interaction of myriads of internal and external factors play crucial role in developing oral cancers.
For the smokers, the best preventive method is to opt for regular self-exam. It is the best method to diagnose the disorder at an early stage. This would help anyone, as cancer becomes far more curable when diagnosed early. A person should examine his mouth and tongue thoroughly to check any suspicious growth, sore, or patch at all surfaces. Any chronic pain or lump at neck or tongue must be addressed to a physician as early as possible.
Cases of cancer of mouth and throat in Kolkata are most in numbers when compared with other types of cancer. While tobacco and drinking habits are major contributors to cancer, extensive sun exposure is another huge factor often leading to the same disorder. A cancer journal came out with a report lately that too much exposure to the sun increases the risk of lip cancer that mostly targets the lower lips. The best practice to avoid lip cancer is to use a sunblock lip balm every time while stepping out in the sun. An oral cancer surgeon in Kolkata always suggests that the most successful preventive for oral cancer is to quit smoking and drinking habit. It helps improving the conditions of a patient dramatically.

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