Replenix And Green Tea: A Powerful Combination

Green tea has been praised, hailed, widely recognized, and practically worshipped for its many beneficial properties. All sorts of positive effects have been attributed to it. People say that green tea is great for losing weight, for boosting your metabolism, and for even having the power to prevent cancer, thanks to its ample amount of antioxidants. You could even go as far as calling it a miracle drink, too.

But apparently, green tea is not just excellent for your body and your health. It has also become quite a popular ingredient in beauty and skin care products. More and more products these days are boasting that they contain green tea: soaps, shampoo, lotion, face creams–you name it. Green tea, after all, is rich in antioxidants, which combats the effects of free radicals on the body as well as on the skin, helping to minimize any skin damage. It also heals and soothes skin, as well as treats any skin issues including sun damage and acne.

However, not everyone has perfected the art and science of using green tea extract, not the way skin care giant Replenix has. Replenix is a skin care line of Topix Pharmaceuticals and has built up for itself a reputation as a top beauty product line which makes use of the power of green tea in its offerings; its products contain 90% polyphenol isolates that have been extracted from green tea.

Replenix offers products that target every area of the face and addresses numerous skin problems: eye care, basic skin care, toning, clarifying, cleansing, anti-aging, and acne. One particularly impressive product is the Eye Lightening Serum, which helps beat puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles around the eyes. The Replenix Cream CF, which gets an extra boost of caffeine, is another one that gets a lot of praise thanks to its ability to moisturize and still prevent skin from breaking out; satisfied customers are also happy with it because its blend is extremely light and non-greasy. The products are also formulated for every skin type imaginable.

Reviews of the Replenix line have mostly been very positive, with users raving about the products and attesting to the fact that they have not encountered such effective skin care products before. The Replenix CF Anti-Photoaging Complex SPF 45, for example, has been widely praised not only for its great effect on the skin, but also for blending wonderfully with makeup. People looking for green tea-infused products will definitely be more than satisfied with Replenix.

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