Key Information Women Must Be aware of Concerning STD's

Sexually transmitted diseases, or STD’s as they are normally known, are a thing every person should avoid, but particularly women, because they are at a greater risk of infection. In addition, the extra complications associated with STD’s are worse for women. STD infections can cause problems in cervical cancer, pelvic inflammations, liver cancer, uterine infections, and also significantly, during pregnancy. STD’s may result in premature labour, or early breaking of the uterine membranes that are adjoining the baby. Pregnant women with STD’s place their unborn baby at risk by transmitting the STD to them.

STD’s is the term applied to infections that are passed on primarily through sexual contact. Some of these diseases can also be passed on due to exchange of bodily fluids as well, for example blood. Formerly referred to as venereal diseases, STD’s are among the most contagious diseases. There are at least 20 conditions that fall in the class of sexually transmitted diseases.

The commonest among them are Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Trichomonas, Hepatitis B, Chlamydia, HPV and HIV/AIDS. The majority of these diseases are bacterial infections, but some of the rest, like HIV/AIDS, Chlamydia, Hepatitis B and HPV are caused due to viruses. It is also important to note that Syphilis and HIV/AIDS are also be passed on through non-sexual contact which can include passing on of the disease to the fetus (unborn child) from the mother during pregnancy or birth, or through intravenous drug use involving a non-sterile needle, tattooing or other body piercing processes.

Sexually transmitted diseases are one of the foremost health issues throughout the world, with ever-increasing numbers of men and women being regularly diagnosed as having one or another STD. STD’s aren’t just limited to one race or culture, they’ve spread across the continents, in each state, in every income group, to individuals with any sexual leaning. One need to be conscious of these diseases and just how they’re passed on, as well as the ways one can minimize their risk of catching such type of diseases, if they are sexually active.

For a woman, this kind of consciousness is even more important, as frequently the signs of these diseases are not so noticeable, and women can be carriers of these STD’s. The women may possibly not have even the faintest clue of the infection that has occurred in their bodies, and therefore unwittingly pass on the infections to their unborn children. The STD, when passed on from the mother to their unborn or newborn child can result in lifelong damage to the child that may range from blindness, deafness, meningitis, chronic liver diseases, acute hepatitis, motor disorders, and if left untreated can result in the death of the child.

While improving their understanding of STD’s one must also be aware that it is possible to cure bacterial infections and parasite infections through medication, those STD’s caused by viral infections are not able to be cured, and only their symptoms can be taken care of with medication.

A good deal of progress has been made in increasing awareness of STD’s to prevent, correctly diagnose, and treat them. Nevertheless, it is still imperative that one should resort to safe sex, use condoms, and regularly talk to their partner regarding their sexual health. One should also pay attention to any rashes, or sores or abnormal discharge from their genitals and immediately make a consultation with the doctor for a thorough check up.

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