Exposure To Molds During A Mold Removal Session Is A Great Health Risk

Molds: A Danger to your Health!. You just had your basement flooded; you decide to clean it up. After pumping the water out, you discover that mold has replicated itself in your basement. You resolve to mold removal procedures. You enter the basement without any protection, not knowing that you are endangering yourself to mold exposure.

Mold may be found outdoors and indoors. During a clean up or mold removal session, it’s very normal to discover mold spores in the air of our homes and breeding on wet or damp exteriors. Most of the mold which can be found indoors comes from outdoor sources. As a result, anyone may be exposed to mold on a day to day basis. Mold spores may eventually cause a number of health problems once they are air borne and are inhaled in great numbers.

How can a Mold spore enter my body? – Without the proper protection during a mold removal session mold spores may eventually be able to enter your body by way of the following:

1.) Through the Respiratory system: Mold spores are airborne, they can enter your house through windows, doors, cracks or may be brought inside by attaching itself to your clothes and shoes.
2.) Skin contact: Physical contact with any surface that may be contaminated by molds may eventually result in irritation of the skin such as slight swelling or ruddiness.
3.) Devouring food that is contaminated by molds: Spoiled food may contain poisonous fungal species. Several examples are rice, nuts, grains and a number of farm products.

Health Problems which can be caused by exposure to mold? – Some people who do not consider mold removal may encounter these health hazards which are caused by exposure to mold. Molds may cause a number of health problems. Allergies are the most frequent symptoms which may confirm high exposure to mold spores. Other indications of exposure are asthma, pulmonary emphysema, edema, and thrush. It may also include infections of the skin, eyes, nails, sinuses, nose, throat, tongue, esophagus, throat, ear and the whole digestive tract. Most may be very harmful to the liver, kidneys, lungs, brain and the heart.

Extreme exposure to molds may be grounds for headaches, memory loss, chronic fatigue, loss of attentiveness, having problems in logical judgment and learning. It may also cause a bloody nose, runny nose, severe coughing, difficulty in breathing, itchy nose, eyes mouth, skin throat. In addition, fever, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and dermatitis can be included. The more serious signs may comprise of convulsions and comatose that may eventually be fatal.
“Stachybotrys atra” can be considered as one of the most deadly molds. It belongs to a kin of molds that may generate airborne toxins which can cause severe breathing difficulties, problems in hearing, memory loss, symptoms which can be compared to flu, sudden dizziness and bleeding of the lungs.

Groups of people who are most likely to be infected by molds are:
1. Children and newborn babies, 2. Senior citizens, 3. Asthmatic individuals, people with a number of allergies and breathing complications, 4. People with destabilized immune systems such as people who have HIV and cancer patients who are having chemotherapy. People who have received organ transplants may be considered as well.

The Importance of Mold Removal – Mold removal from contaminated areas is a must since from the information given, it is a fact that molds are a great risk to our health. Health related illnesses caused by toxic molds are dramatically on the rise. People are eventually spending 80%-90% of their time inside their homes. It is most probable that your house may show some signs of mold breeding, if mold removal is not done immediately, it is a possibility that health problems will arise.

The main goal of mold removal is to make sure that harmful mold and mold spores are eliminated, therefore assuring you that they will not be able to breed and spread in other areas of your home. However, important as it may seem, necessary precautions should always be taken into consideration. When removing mold, a person without safety gears, will eventually be vulnerable to the health risks. Therefore, to avoid health risks, prevention and safety are the greatest priorities.

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