Why Prevention of Asian Flush is Needed?

It has been researched and proved that nearly 50% of Asian face a red face allergy after alcoholic beverages consumption. This is not confined to Asians only but with non-Asians as well. But this flushing reaction is generally termed as Asian flush. As per the recent research, as increase in the Asian flush may lead to throat cancer or esophageal cancer.

When alcohol is consumed by a human, it takes nearly 15 minutes for it to get absorbed into blood. It goes via esophagus, stomach and intestine and this rate of absorption of alcohol into human blood depends upon various factors which include sex, body weight, the type and strength of the alcohol consumed, and the amount of food one had in his/her stomach. Hence, with these factors, rate of absorption varies.

Few of the symptoms of Asian Flush includes nausea, increase in heartbeat, etc. It is caused because of the deficiency of an enzyme which is ALDH2 or Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 2. This deficiency is very common among East Asians like Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese. Because of this deficiency, human body is unable to break down by product of the metabolism of alcohol i.e. acetaldehyde, which is again a toxic substance and need to be breakdown. But if a human body is unable to breakdown this toxin, this toxin keep on accumulating, resulting into such allergic reactions such as red, puffy, itchy skin, majorly on face and neck. This is in combined called as Asian Flush. To get rid of Asian Flush, one may consume few of the antacids such as Zantac, Pepcid. This may trick for few people, but on the other hand this may not. There are mixed results for such antacids, but you can at least give it a try. As many youngsters are successfully able to prevent Asian flush with these antacids.

After such results have been obtained in recent research, there is an increase in social awareness programs about Asian Flush and increased throat cancer. This esophageal cancer can also be a result of smoking as well. Although surgery is one of the cure for this cancer type, but survival rate is very low. Agreed with the fact, that it is not easy to stop drinking all of a sudden, but at least can be reduced. As researches have also shown that light drinkers need not be so concerned about the cancer, whereas rise are more likely with heavier alcoholic consumers. Moreover if a person is already suffering with Asian Flush is more likely to fall for esophageal cancer as compared to the one who is not at all suffering from Asian Flush.

You are smart enough, you can notice that whether you are suffering. So obvious it is, if your face turning red, your skin experiencing irritation and itchy after alcoholic consumption, your body is telling you that you have fall prey to Asian Flush and now you should stop its consumption. Asian flush sufferers should take this research very seriously, in-fact as a warning; else somewhere in time they may become a sufferer of esophageal cancer.

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